Opthalmologists are eye specialists, yes. But on the specifics only. Certainly not everyone sees immediately what is meant for a particular thing. Why? Because it takes time to see things clearly. Not a blink of an eye is enough. Even those eye specialists need weeks and even months of observations to see if this and that works effectively on whatsoever. (So much for this…)
Now take it slowly. I know most of the times we want to rush things out. But to be able to be a specialist of your own, take it one step at a time. Just widely open yourself to everything this world offers and enjoy them. Life offers me this WordPress and I am going to see the kind of happiness this may give me. Here, I may share random stories on three tenses–past, present, and future.
For this first post, the feeling is in present tense for I am happy. Truly! I am looking forward on spending my time here in my blog. There is nothing I will do in here but to share. Just see!


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