Photo not mine. Credits to Google images.

Photo not mine. Credits to Google images.

Hell yeah! Popularly known as sunflower and scientifically named as Helianthus. Either ways, this flower is still the apple of my eye. A stalk of this is so much happiness but a bouquet of this to be given only for me is a dream. I do not care, I am just going to include the bouquet thingy on my wish list. Besides, nothing is wrong with that. So there, just keep on listing!

A lassie’s first time visit at the building of Commission on Higher Education led to the start of the obsession. Typically, girls out there want red roses but this lassie wants the yellow one. Not a yellow rose but Helianthus itself. The visit was so unforgettable for her because she became so deviant at that time. With the help of a lad who is actually a friend of her, she was able to have a stalk of Helianthus on her hands. After she and her friend crossed the busy road just to be on the road’s other side where a line of sunflowers are beautifully swaying, she cut a stalk which was not allowed to be done but she did. Because of her love of sunflowers, the lassie just did not mind what was offensive. She just took the chance of having what she really wanted regardless of the consequences. At that moment the only thing that ran in her mind was, “nothing will happen if I did not try.” Fortunately, nobody saw her “sunflower stealing.” She went home with it. Days had passed and the lassie picked a petal from it and kept it in her identification card holder. Up until now, the petal is still there. The memory will continue to replay in it.

Sometimes, happiness is experienced from being silly. I’ve already experienced it–the lassie was me.


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