Green is my favorite color but why is it that most of the times I feel blue? I must be grinning and not frowning. Why is it hard for me to grin like there is no tomorrow? Why is it that my mind is so boxed with my former. This is not good. And I think this may even get worse! Marketing Management, my program, trains us to greet everybody a great morning at anytime of the day. But how will I greet that way if I cannot find greatness in me because of being so dramatic?

Love is great but not at all times. It is a trap that if you are so loyal, it could be one of your problem. There are times when I ask myself why the hell I am so trapped with the memories of my former. Why is he still running in my mind and make me smile then leave me a tear afterwards. I know the problem is in me. The problem is me. That is why sometimes I feel so curious that I want to see myself in someone else’s point of view so that I can see how pathetic I am.

Letting emotions win will just drive you crazy. I pray for myself. I pray to be stronger and to be more focused on more important stuff. I know it is wrong to blame love. I just need to understand that it is just me who is so weak and this should be improved for my betterment. I want to know how to escape from the flashbacks that I keep on thinking over and over. I want to be happier. I want it so bad. I want it.


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