Three alarms set to wake me up from a beauty sleep.

A fifteen minute breakfast.

About an hour for overall body cleaning.

Half hour all spent looking in the mirror, ironing clothes, hair combing, applying powder, spraying fragrances, and glancing in the mirror for the last time.

Now ready to go and leave home for school.

Ride a tricycle, a jeepney, alight and aboard a train, then another tricycle.

Hello university campus!

Walk, survive the stairs.

Finally, great morning 4th floor!

Write, read, listen, chitchat, and eat.

Yeah, dismissal!

Meet exhausted commuters.

And yes, hello home sweet home.

Eat alone.

Clean up.

Talk with my beloved mama.

Socialize online.

After a long day, hello bed!


Lights and eyes off, goodnight PH.

Just a typical daily routine of a student. After such activities, another 24 hours will be done. That number of hours must be well spent. That way, even without speaking out two words of being grateful, indirect expression of thanksgiving is registered in the eyes of the Observer above.

If someone tries to ruin your mood, deal with it but not live with it. Remember, 24 hours comprise one day. It is still up to you if you will let such 24 hours be wasted and spent full of negative vibes. Problems are inevitable so as solutions. There are corresponding answers to every questions. All we got to do is answer correctly to keep unpleasant hours of each day pleasant.


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