It is overwhelming when someone drops by in your place just to ask your condition–whether you are doing fine or still alive. But what if that someone visiting you is not actually “someone” but “something?” Certainly, boys are out of place in this talk. So I want to say hello to the opposites!

Curse, is it? Well I am totally over reacting on this monthly enemy at the moment. Nobody in the house received a nice answer from me today and this is not good. I cannot control myself, likewise is the flow down there. Now curiosity strikes me. I am thinking of how was I in my childhood? The days when I still don’t need to be very careful on choosing which sitting and sleeping positions should I observe. Those times when the only thing in my hygiene kit were just towels and hand sanitizer gels or alcohol. And, those months when either a classmate or none visits me. I hope I can swap days back then whenever I am with my teenage red days. Funny, I know.

Well, there is nothing I can do but of course, just to deal with this. I think I am just going to accept the reality and keep in mind that this is part of a girl’s normal life. All I need is to be thankful that I am a normal girl transforming into a mini-monster six days a month.


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