It is mid year already and summer is in its was. January is coming very soon after a number of water cycles. The first half of the year under the sun was pretty amazing and tanning. And today, we are in the second half. It is starting to be pretty cool. Cool, literally. Air in motion seems to flirt with another element in this green planet–water.

Rain is reigning all over the map. Not even a pail can handle its power, really! But the good thing here is that PH can handle it. We can..

There were so many typhoons and floods that came our way and so with the rainbows that came across after such heavy drops. That is why I believe, by faith, that we can surpass the urban rivers to come in the succeeding days and weeks, if there are any. Of course, I do not wish for those urban rivers to come raging everybody’s life but what I am only saying is that with all the possibilities of challenges that may wave along, we will remain standing. Droplets to big drops, they should not matter to us that much. Only, we gotta need to assure few things–our umbrellas.

One must bear in mind that even the skies cry and they deserve to be understood.

That is why, keep safe and dry PH!

Be good to us, rainy season.


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