Sadly, population of gentlemen in the city is extremely declining. What is happening? Why does it seems like many of them prefer to act as animals more than humans? Is it a change in preference or what?

Shout out to the guys out there. For your information, it is not cool to publicly show stuff that are supposed to be private. Make sure that what you publicize are worth showing and are not disgusting. Respect is a two way process. It is not hard to show respect if you, also, do respect others. Reciprocity people! Treat others right if you want to be treated the same way. Another thing, do not put yourself in disgust. If you have no shame on us, please, have shame on yourself! Live accordingly. Do not degrade human race! Abide in the human rules and not of pigs’.

Make sure what you show off is worth the publicity. Think first. Don’t be so stupid and selfish! In case you are happy of being so disrespectful, then fly the hell out in this planet and migrate to Neptune!

Yes, I am terribly mad tonight! That human pig was the worst creature I’ve ever known in my 18 years. Shame on him. Have him chopped, please.


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