“Kung kaya nila, kaya mo rin.” (If they can do it, then you also can.) -Dad

When I was still an only child back then, my dad inculcated in my mind how much he believes in me. His belief, from then on, became my motivation whenever I feel nervous and afraid of doing something. Dad was right and until now that I am already in my legal age, he is still right. I guess his motivational quote will forever be right not only because he is my father and I am his daughter that I should consider him correct all the time but because what he once said to me does not only fit to me but also to you, to everyone, to him, to us.

It is inevitable to overthink especially among us girls. And seriously, the effects are annoying. Annoying to the extent that we are already blaming ourselves for being so exaggerated! Sometimes, oh no, most of the times, that attitude or “brain disorder” (the way I call it) becomes the reason why our self-confidence lessens. And yes, this is the sad and irritating truth. Even the things that should have been done are being affected and even the opportunity of learning or experiencing something become blurry because of the that fear that lives in the idea of overthinking.

We want to expel that coward thing within us! We badly want that!

Allow me to give some points of advice for all of us.

First. Stress on what you can do and not on what you cannot. This is actually a guideline in writing a business letter that is also applicable and useful, I guess, to us. This is a good stress, isn’t it? When thinking more of the capabilities that you have over your weaknesses, you are helping your mind to think positively and boost the confidence in you. It is actually better to lighten up the situation rather than fear yourself of the things that you are not really sure if they will happen or just run in your mind to mess you up. Let the trust in yourself win. You actually can do it, living thing!

Second. Remember that God is bigger than our problems. Fear nothing. Don’t doubt. He is true to us.

Third. There is no learning if you just choose not to do it or even give it a try. Bear in mind that for every failure follows a token. And when we talk about that token, it is actually not the ones that we buy in order to enjoy a ride or play games, because the token is actually the learning that we get after failing. I want to believe that these failures are not designed for us to break but they do exist for us to be stronger instead. We just need to welcome and face them because the second advice is absolutely correct!

Fourth. Everything happens for a reason. Now, how will you be able to know that particular reason if in the start you are choosing to back out? Will you just leave yourself hanging on to the question of “what if I tried? what should have happened to me?” Do not settle for hypotheses, seek for answers. They are more satisfying and worthy whatever may happen along the way.

I am glad to come up with those four. Hoping that I live with what I said.

Goodnight PH.


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