Today’s a sound Tuesday for me. How’s yours?

A day is worth it if it is spent with people close to you–your girl or boyfriend, your siblings, cousins, relatives, parents, and of course, your friends. They surely won’t miss a day in your life without even sharing something new in their lives that you have nothing to do at all but to deal with it and listen to their super normal life updates. But admit it or not, without them and their unstoppable noisy mouths, pieces in your jigsaw puzzle will be considered as incomplete.

Personally, not a day lasts without me chitchatting with my friends or with people whom I know. Actually,oftentimes, I am the type of person who begins a conversation to someone whom I’ve just seen for the first time. Well, this proves of me being “FC” or what they call as “feeling close.” I am the type of person who is approachable even if some of my friends said that I look unaffable at first sight. But I proved them that they are wrong, and they did accepted their faults. For I am the kind of person who is good and gets better when our relationship becomes closer. I do listen to any stories people offer me. Yes, I do criticize, speak fluent sarcasm at times, and I also speak out advice if needed.

Just remember my dear friends that when there are lots of thoughts in mind, nothing is so wrong in bursting and speaking out.


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