Of this world’s grand total of biotics, there will only be the smallest fraction of them who will understand you. Some may probably supply an advice to cheer you up. Others may add up. Few can be harmful verbally. All of them will just speak out from what they think is right because of their own experiences. None of them can really pacify you in any situation because only one can–above all, it is Him. Him who is in control.


  1. Sharing must not be initially spoken to whosoever. That habit of relying more on their advice than surrendering to the One must be changed. Why so? Because to whom a problematic person changes for is actually the best listener above anybody else.
  2. If failure paves your way, get hurt. It is normal. But do not endure pain longer. No matter how hard it is to be an optimist, pursue it! Just like in mathematical expressions, we can assure that: God > anything else.
  3. Keep the faith! “Kapit lang!”

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