It’s so vast
So cast
Like dust
The disgust
The unjust
Even the past
They won’t blast
So just
And must

There will come a time in your life when things will be left unsaid because you are actually saying it to someone–who is worldly acceptable to have conversations with for you to be named ‘normal’. Now if it is not with someone, then you will be insane in their eyes. At some point, insanity is fine. Well for me, it is. Because I am. Like that. Insane.

Just sending some sort of feelings to Sky. Hoping it won’t crash because of the bunch of emotions I did poured and will be pouring day by day. Been doing this for days without even knowing when will this end. If Ginny has her Letter Later, then Sky is JC’s.

“And if dreams were wings you know
  I would have flown to you
  To be where you are
  No matter how far…”


Now flying through the expressway with hopes of being noticed via: skype


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