5 of 366. 

The room is cold. The environment offers an ambiance that is just right to keep these fingers typing. Everybody is busy facing their own screens. Mine is an interesting business to face. Besides, it has been a month since the last update. And also, time is free.

Holiday seasons are done. Christmas and new year celebrations came to an end. Today is the come back. If only university calendar sets its class dates according to my choice, then it’s pretty cool. Laziness in the air. I know this must be avoided. Just for today, I am allowing myself to procrastinate. Procrastinate in accepting the fact that school stuff will now arise again. 

1 of 366.

Nine-worded message brought my heart to cheerfully beat! I was like jumping already well in fact none of my feet really left the ground. Was like leaping and tumbling on the softest clouds during that moment! Inner goddess screams because of [so much] happiness. After reading, for a single moment JC thanked Him for blessing her with him–her most wanted and loved him.


A transformation of a lady to a mini monster happened. The day ended painfully. The mini monster was not as wild as what you may be thinking on that day for she literally acted ‘mini’–quiet and positioning like a fetus in her mom’s womb.

2nd day of January, 2016.

Awakened by a very surprising butt kick from mama. *laugh*
To sum up, mama’s side was the opportunity cost for dad’s side.

Day 4.

Classes resumed for many but not on me. Time allotment with family is indeed worthy. Staying in a place with your most beloved ones is where you can find home. 

Days from today can neither be paused nor stopped from happening. May 2016 be a year of better time management with less opportunity costs and more laughter than blues.  

Let’s spend 2016 with Him and together let us just see.


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