Decisions are dangerous. They may be fruitful, or worse, they can be hurtful. Sometimes it is in our own reasoning that leads us closer towards the negative attitude of selfishness that affects other people. The mind is conscious. It does function when it chooses among “better choices,” but there is no assurance if what has been chosen is the right one. This happens, possibly, because the mind is either blinded of fear of losing some particularities or the actual person is coward to some extents.

“Everyone has some evil inside them.”
-Veronica Roth (Allegiant)

Few people may admit but still, there are many who do not recognize it. The solution is to learn how to accept oneself and eventually, to understand each and everyone’s wrongness.

Be humble. Confess. Apologize. Be brave for the consequences. Learn. Live.

I’m sorry, M.


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