All the time,
Is not at all times



French fries everywhere, I hope so, for all the frustrations firing the good form!

HEY, oppa!  Eventhough it is already midyear and you figured out yourself still far halfway to meeting your expected self, one thing’s for sure–June will never stop meeting you thirty days a year. Just enough to keep working and achieving.

HEY, self! For quite a second, you weren’t listless. You uncovered vibrance, instead.

ALSO, for a moment, your thoughts weren’t dull. You created stimulations for yourself.
Behold and stand out.
No matter how ruffled your hair can get, you are still beautiful.
Shed tears then wipe them out afterwards.
If you can’t help zipping your mouth, go nag.
Talk loud. Let your overflowing thoughts ruin their understanding.
Dress like a lady whom you should be. Run, if you want to.
Slowly walk when your time isn’t running out.
Stay awake as long as you can. But never forget sleep.
Smile. It is perfect to be imperfect.
Try. Regrets must be last in line.
Raise your hand and don’t be shy. You have the idea.
Put some color, it isn’t bad.
If you can’t handle being careless, be carefree. Work for it the soonest.
Argue with them. But hear them out as well.
Hold back. If you feel uncomfortable.
Face the mirror. Figure out your ugly acceptable points.
Be alone. You deserve a break.
Roll eyes. It is a form of expression.
Eat what you wish to eat. You deserve to be happy.
Shake your body. No one is prohibited to be graceful.
Turn lights off. Enjoy the darkness.
Hide. It is sometimes a remedy.
Take selfless photos. Forget about distress.
Daydream. It will keep you motivated.
Entertain your emotions. So that you won’t get your mind blown.
Remove your fear denials on the list. Everybody has their weaknesses.
Have fun. But stop messing around.
Make choices. Not everything you decide to have will be yours.
Love. Someone out there deserves it from you.
Stay who you are. It is necessary.

SO self, please stay noted especially when a lil unwell.