You walk across people and then you never know whether or not they will care about you or just spend five seconds of their lives just to look at you from head to foot. These are this place’s survey respondents.

Along the busy streets in a crowded avenue, you pass by a lot of candy in hand-carried old wooden boxes. Most of them chasing after faster creations in this place, the vehicles with exhausted engines. Black smoke adding up to air pollution’s conquest of the atmosphere.

As you stop and take a few seconds to wipe your sweat from forehead to eyes down to the bridge of your nose continuing to your upper lip, you realize how tiring your earlier hours had been. So you unconsciously take a deep breath inhaling secondhand smoke from behind and still feel good despite making cilia in your nose function big time.

On your way home, you aboard a crowded train because the time of the day claims it as rush hour. Passengers begin to evolve. They are now our Spartans.

Having finished the day, realizing you are so done with the external environment of your comfort place, you now take a deep breath once again. Then it is not more of the polluted air that you allow yourself enter you. It is now the much more suffocating air that fights the oxygen in your brain. Then you think things. Eventually bring them in your sleep. Wake up the other day and sigh.


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