How about being stricken by the sun all sunny day?

Forget an umbrella.
Shed liters of sweat.
Wear that cheeky blush then be burned.
Pick stalks of sunflowers that sway as sun rises.
Wear that spaghetti strapped top and get tanned.
Tread onto somewhere natured and not industrialized.
Be bouyant while cloud-colored water splash unto you.
Eat and taste the heat under the shadows of  trees’ canopy.
Walk in the bush and feel the warm breeze touching your skin.
Jump of a cliff to hit sun rays targeting the sparkling wide which awaits you.


R e w a r d  y o u r s e l f  a  g o o d  l i g h t .
S u m m e r,
S o m e  m o r e . 


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