How about being attentive instead of just listening and letting the words fall out?

God has His instruments. In actions and in words, He is heart felt.

Together, let us take a look on the checklist.

Do you really love someone? 

Words of Affirmation.
People nowadays, to teenagers to be specific, do think that love  is simply sending a bubbly message online – “I love you.” It does shows but it should have been more than that. 

“Good morning.”
“Have you eaten already?”
“Your dress fits you!”
“I’ll see you soon.”

How beautiful these simple sentences are, lots of love

Birthdays, anniversaries, special dates, when was the last time you were presented of something by someone? Bet that person has you in mind. Exerting resources other than efforts is a plus. Treasure every physical evidences of love

Go ahead. Swim in the beach, enjoy with other fellows, and then come back home. Surprise your beloved with a vial of white sand. No matter how little, it counts.